Youth Club Code Of Ethics...


ZONE 1/8 Carnivals    

  • Our club is a member of the RSL Zone 1/8 group of swimming clubs.
  • We participate in a number of Zone meetings each season.


  • To enter a zone carnival, representing Bass Hill, you must be registered with the club.
  • Fill out an entry form available from the carnival secretary. Please fill in and lodge with the carnival secretary before, or on the due date as nominated in the club’s season program.


  • Entry to a zone carnival costs $2.00 per swimmer payable with the entry card. This is not refunded if you do not attend the zone carnival.
  • Please wear our club swimming caps and costumes when representing the club at zone carnivals.


  • Parents who have volunteered to assist at the zone carnival should arrive at the pool at least 30 minutes prior to the nominated start time for the night and at this time make themselves known to the carnival director who will be marking a role.